When buying incandescent bulbs, Watts was the magic number. Your lamp or fixture told you what wattage bulb to buy and you bought the same wattage replacement when it burned out. LED bulbs work a little differently. How many times have you bought a 60-Watt equal LED or CFL and been disappointed because the bulb either wasn’t as bright or was blinding in comparison? A 60-Watt equal LED bulb may put out between 750 and 875 Lumens and is available in a range of color temperatures that can make CFL or LED bulbs appear brighter and bluer than the bulbs you’re replacing. This blog post details how many Lumens you want for different applications around your home. If you want to keep the look of your incandescents, look for bulbs with the appropriate Lumen output in a 2700 Kelvin color temperature.