Jslinter Lighting

Professional Lighting Products Supplier of Various Light Bulbs

We attaches importance to quality and integrity, pursues win-win and cooperation.

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As leading manufacturers in the realm of LED lighting, we are rapidly expanding our array of commercial, industrial, and IoT-enabled LED solutions to better serve the ever-evolving demands of businesses.


Products Category

Jslinter lights not only a lamp but also life, warmth, and passion.

Edison Light Bulbs

Antique Vintage Style, Old Fashioned, Decorative

String Light Bulbs

Outdoor/ Indoor/ For Patio Garden, Wedding Party

Appliance Light Bulbs

For Home Decoration

Wall Lights

For Home Decoration

Industries We Serve

With professionalism and sincerity to serve the family and win the market, our spirit will continue to drive us to a brighter future and stage.

Trusted Brand

Provides high-quality products and brand-new experiences.

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High Quality

Quality assurance and production lines are strictly controlled.

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Professional Team

Professional services for residential, professionals and customers are provided.

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A Great commercial lighting Supplier

We are always striving to develop more efficient products.

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