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Jslinter S14 2-Way Colored String Light Bulb


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  • ✅Switch to Change Color: Unlike conventional RGB bulbs that require a remote control, our 1W 2-way S14 LED string light bulbs can change colors simply with the power switch. Every bulb have 2 colors, the default color is warm white, turn off and turn on again in 2s to toggle to the second color.
  • ✅Perfect Color Assortment: Our 2-colored retro style bulb has 15 bulbs per set, contain 5 colors in total: Red/ Green/ Blue/ Yellow/ Purple, 3 bulbs per color. You can distinguish the second color of each bulb by the color of LED filament inside the bulb when you get it, easy to sort the light colors into the sequence you like
  • ✅Double Functions in One Bulb: Wanna switch out your warm white string lights for colored ones for holidays but it’s too much trouble? Buy our 2-way light bulbs. Warm white for normal days and cheery colors for Christmas, New Year and other holidays/occasions, add more cheer for your special moments
  • ✅Advantages Comparing with RGB Bulbs: Our solution is simpler, more stable and more long-lasting while those more complicated RGB bulbs require a remote control and a driver that are potentially easier to fail. Our engineers achieve the same effect in a simplified form that and saves much trouble for you.
  • ✅Shatterproof: Patented high transmittance plastic is adopted as shell material that looks the same as glass. Sturdy and holds up to heat, cold, wind, rain, etc. Operating Temp:-20℃~40℃. No need to worry about breaking by impacts or low temperature


Dimensions 4.43 × 4.43 × 8.22 cm