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Jslinter Incandescent Light Bulb


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  • 3 LIGHTINING SETTINGS: JSLINTER 3-Way Incandescent Light Bulbs have 3 different lighting settings available: 50-Watt, 100-Watt and 150-Watt, with brightness at 615-Lumen, 1540-Lumen and 2155-Lumen respectively.
  • PERFECT SHAPE: JSLINTER 3-Way Light Bulbs come in the standard A21 shape, the commonly seen shape in most households, which fits ceiling, table and wall-mounted fixtures perfectly.
  • STANDARD BASE: JSLINTER 3-Way Light Bulbs have the standard E26 medium screw base, which is compatible with most household mounted fixtures without extra hassles of renovation. Super easy to install or replace
  • PREMIUM QUALITY AND LONG LIFESPAN: Each JSLINTER 3-Way Light Bulb goes through the strictest quality control process in our workshop, ensuring a long lifespan of 1500 hours based on 3 hours of lit-up time per night.
  • 4-PACK: We offer 4 packs in each order, extremely cost-effective. No worries if one bulb breaks and it’s inconvenient to find a replacement.


Dimensions 6.76 × 6.76 × 12.50 cm