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Amber Warm Decorative Incandescent Light Bulb

You may have seen these bulbs in a trendy cafe, chic restaurant, bistro or a deluxe hotel. Why limit it to commercial lighting, and not create this cozy, calm and inviting ambience in your living room, kitchen, bedroom or patio. Jslinter Edison bulbs were made from high quality materials by our skilled craftsmen and built to last for up to 3000 hours. Sine of customer feedback on the bulbs being a little dim, we updated our lumens (brightness) from 170 to 230 on our edison light bulbs! We truly care about customer feedback!

You can’t compare light bulbs watt for watt if you’re interested in brightness. It’s all about the lumens.The brightness of Edison bulbs is not as much as their traditional incandescent equivalents. This is desirable and intentional. If a 60 watt Edison Bulb provided the same amount of light as a typical incandescent, the filament would be too bright to look at and appreciate. The amount of light, or brightness, a light bulb provides is measured in lumens.Don’t use wattage as a guide. Wattage is a measurement of how much power is consumed by the bulb. Lumens tells you how much light is created.

Notes on compatible lighting fixtures

For sconces, pay attention to the distance from the junction box mounting to the top of the shade or fixture. Make sure you have clearance in the location for the sconce, taking heat from the light into consideration. For pendant lights and chandeliers, pay attention to the drop length of the pendant, or the distance from the ceiling to the bottom of the light. For a dining table, you want about 3 feet.

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