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Dimmable ST58 Antique Vintage Style Light Bulb

Thomas Edison set the standard for brighter, whiter incandescent light a century ago. These reproduction light bulbs recall the historic squirrel cage design, with vertical hand-woven tungsten filaments surrounding a central pillar.

With its hand-blown style and warm amber glow, an Edison light bulb exudes a rustic charm like no other light bulb.

The brightness of Edison bulbs is not as much as their traditional incandescent equivalents. This is desirable and intentional as these are more of decorative bulbs than functional ones

If a 60 watt Edison Bulb provided the same amount of light as a typical incandescent, the filament would be too bright to look at and appreciate.

6 Pack Retro Decoration light bulbs

These nostalgic light bulbs are great for pendant lights, sconces, and chandeliers. You can also use them in string lights.

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