Jslinter Lighting

S14 Amber Glass Replacement String Light Bulb

These Jslinter S14 amber glass string light bulbs come in 25 packs, really great to have at hand. They give off a 2200K warm white light that makes your place cozy and relaxing. Their classic filaments add extra beauty to the bulb shape.

One of the bulbs on your string light or candelabra suddenly gone out? No worries. Our S14 standard E26 base bulbs at 11W come in the same/similar specs as your original ones. Just purchase our 25 pack and get rid of the trouble of finding a replacement once and for all.

Jslinter S14 Light Bulbs give off an amber and soothing light at 2200K, reminiscent of the good old Edison-type light bulbs that cast your room or yard an old-time fashion. You feel relaxed and comfortable in their ambiance. Perfect for people who love the mood these light bulbs can set you in.

Sublimate Your Place

God turn stone to bread, and our bulbs turn your place into a wonderland. Not satisfied with your plain room/patio? It’s time to equip it with our amber glowing bulbs and bring it a sense of art. Their warm and antique ambiance can make you fully indulged in partying with your friends or chatting with your family.

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