Jslinter Lighting

A19 Yellow Color Porch Light Bulb with Warm Light 

Jslinter A19 LED Bug Free Bulbs have double functions: Blinding bugs and helping sleep. It gives off a yellow light in a particular wavelength that’s invisible to bugs/insects. It also facilitates the release of melatonin in our body to help us sleep better.

The bugs and insects annoy us when they fly around you at summer night in your party with friends. Use Jslinter Bug Light to keep the bugs away and have a great party with your friends. Also, if you want to have a good dream without the bugs please catch the chance to use our Bug Light bulb soon.

Our non-dimmable A19 bulbs are covered with evenly distributed yellow color and have a 360-degree beam angle. his not only makes the bulbs extremely beautiful but also causes no eye fatigue when you are in their glare-free and even ambience.

Use It Indoor

You can use them in your bedroom lamps and table lamps. The warm yellow glow calls up your inner tranquility and makes you relaxed and comfortable. Also, the amber yellow glow the bulbs cast with no blue light can help with the release of melatonin in your body to make you sleep well.

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