Jslinter Lighting

40 watt Appliance Oven Light Bulb 

4-Pack Replacement Oven Light Bulb, Quantity: 4. Same great brightness. Superior-crafted filaments for long-lasting brightness. Quality glass and packaging so bulbs will show up in factory condition. Specifications: 1.77*2.76in E26/27 110-120V 40W clear oven bulbs.

Light up your oven

Light up your oven with the JSLITNER Appliance Oven Bulb (4-Pack). Put it in place once your current part has run its full life cycle. The E27 bulbs are meant for specific applications. Use this piece to brighten up your oven refrigerator unit. Built with high quality materials, this bulb comes individually packaged. The twist-in design allows for easy installation.

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